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About Us

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Coach Rob: 

     more than 25 years experience

     NPC Central States Bodybuilding Overall Champion         '08

     Training Elite Athletes 

     Online Training Platform with App

     Trainer of Bodybuilders any gender 

     Expert in Building Muscle and Burning Fat.  

     Lower your Body Fat

     Increase Your Ability to Function in any Situation

     Personal Training Studio

     Coaching at Anytime Fitness Ann Arbor (Jackson Rd)



Train with Coach Rob at his Training Studio, at Anytime Fitness Ann Arbor, or online training with individualized programs designed to meet your fitness goals.  Whether you are new to strength training, circuit training, HIIT, training for a special event, or competing in a show.  Let's work together to getting healthy and fit.  The time to start is NOW!

            GROUP TRAINING


Train with a friend or family member.  Coach Rob offers discounted rates for group or couples training.  Have fun with a friend while training.  Have a training partner for the days you're training without your coach.  Call us for pricing and discounted rates. 



Follow a program for beginners or follow the program that Coach Rob used for his contest prep for the overall victory at the NPC Central States Bodybuilding Championships.  Follow his 16 week 4 phase training program that keeps the intensity up, while forcing the musccles to adapt to several scientific methods that increase workout intensity.

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