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Welcome to Rob's Personal Training & Fitness Coaching 

I am passionate about your health and fitness!  Enjoy the benefits of using scientific principles to build muscle, burn fat, and change your body's Basal Metabolic Rate (metabolism).  

I have faced many struggles in my life, and lifting weights, and physical exercise has helped me to overcome tribulations with confidence.  It's not how low you fall, it's how long does it take to get back up.  What have you learned from the unfortunate experience?   Learning from our mistakes is the ultimate level of intelligence.  

For me, the journey toward exercise and fitness began when I was growing up.  I had a step father that didn't care for me and used to beat me for many years.  At 13 years of age, I put together a cheap sand filled plastic weight set and started training in my basement.   I had pictures of all of my favorite bodybuilders of the time and would visualize my physique becoming the same as theirs.  


By the time I was 16yo, I had joined wrestling and football, learning even more about fitness as well as made myself stronger physically and emotionally. One evening when I was 16 I had a friend over to the house and my stepfather started to verbally and physically abuse me.  I was strong and able to defend myself quite well...  After standing up to him my self-confidence went way up, I finally felt like I had a voice.  That self-confidence had transferred into many real-life situations.  

I still experience the benefits of exercise to my self-respect and enhanced level of confidence.  It's nice to have visible gains you for the hard work put in to attaining a physique that makes you feel comfortable within your own skin. 

Now, you're at a party on the lake, middle of summer and you have attained the physique you've always wanted..  What would you notice that would be different?  What would people be saying to you about the way you look to them?  How awesome would it be to achieve the body that know one knew you had?  Would this make you feel more empowered?  More confident?  Paint a picture of what you want to be and Coach Rob will supply you with the Blueprint of how to make it happen.  

Why wait?  The time to start is now!  There is no reason we can't get you in shape and keep you in shape for a lifestyle change.   

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